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We Deliver Managed Services and Maintain IT Infrastructure with a Focus on Security

Let us be your defense against IT security threats

Securiv helps you solve IT problems and improves your security posture through strict best practices, products and managed services focused on keeping your organization safe and secure.

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IT security is a critical yet often overlooked topic. Let us show you how we can:

Managed Services

The traditional "arms reach" IT team, taking care of most aspects of the technology side of the business. Can be fully or partially provided remotely.

Short Term Assistance

Do you have an immediate need for some short term assistance? We can provide IT solutions quickly when your business requires scheduled assistance.

Security Ops

Do you need someone to manage your endpoint protection, or to perform regularly scheduled security compliance checks from a 3rd party?

Co-Managed Services

Do you need an in-house expert? We offer consulting experience with our experts, wrapped into a recurring package.

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A Managed Services provider in Winnipeg that loves to help small businesses.

We are a small business ourselves, and we have a unique understanding of the challenges that surround any small business with a technology footprint.

Years of

At its core, a Managed Service is a method to secure the outside assistance of expertise for the management and responsibility of hardware or software systems.

Securiv specializes in the management of a wide array of infrastructure systems, cloud and security systems, and their related hardware.

Securiv staffs employees with previous MSP experience in all of our senior roles. This provides a great level of technical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the support lifecycle.

Managed Services Provider in Winnipeg

Focused on Security

Whether you need a partner to manage your infrastructure top to bottom, or need help getting serious about your cyber security efforts, give us a call:

(204) 202-3239 – We Are Your Winnipeg Managed Services Provider

Certified Cloud & Managed Services Provider, and Partner

As a managed IT service provider, our team is dedicated to delivering efficient and effective solutions to address our clients’ IT needs. We prioritize safeguarding our clients’ data by implementing advanced security measures and ensuring compliance with industry standards. We advise and assist our clients in navigating potential security threats and offer tailored solutions to minimize the risk of data breaches.

Our proactive approach to IT management allows us to identify and resolve issues before they cause significant business disruption. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, providing them with continuous support and guidance as their business evolves and their IT needs change.

Let us solve your IT problems

We help you solve security problems and improve your security posture.

Our managed services effectively enhance operational efficiency, promote sustainability, and go above and beyond the industry standard when it comes to security. Our clients also enjoy improved cost savings, reduced risk, improved scalability, and 24/7 support.

By leveraging the experience of our professionals, equipped with advanced tools and technologies, businesses can streamline their operations and workflows to meet more desirable outcomes. Additionally, our managed services plans offer the added advantage of proactively identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities, contributing to a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Investing in an experienced managed services provider can help your business achieve higher productivity and long-term sustainability.

We enjoy helping small businesses.

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