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At Securiv, safeguarding your business from external threats is not just a service; it’s our primary mission.  Rest assured, your protection is not just a priority; it’s the essence of our existence at Securiv.

We understand the gravity of the digital landscape and make it our unwavering commitment to fortify your organization against potential risks. Every action we take, every solution we implement, is driven by the dedication to keep your business safe and secure.

We understand that each business has unique security needs, and our customized services are meant to meet all those specific requirements.

Our Commitment to Excellence: We Are About Upholding Integrity, Confidentiality, and Trust

At Securiv, we don’t just provide services; we cultivate an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality, and trust. Your security is not just a service to us; it’s a solemn responsibility that we approach with dedication and diligence.

Rex Storey

Rex Storey

Owner and President of Securiv Inc.
A Visionary Leader in Managed Services and Security

Rex brings to the table a wealth of experience and expertise in Managed Services and security, cultivated through a dynamic and diverse career that spans renowned tech giants and top-tier Managed Service Providers (MSPs). His journey

Why Choose Us:

Years of Experience, Comprehensive Solutions:

With decades of experience in the industry, we’ve honed our skills and expertise to develop a comprehensive suite of tools and services dedicated to keeping your business safe from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. We understand that the cybersecurity landscape is dynamic, and that’s why our solutions are not just reactive but proactive. We stay ahead of the curve, anticipating potential threats and implementing measures to fortify your digital defenses.

Our Assurance

So, sit back, relax, and let us handle the security of your business! We’re not just a service provider; we’re your dedicated partners in safeguarding what matters most. Our assurance is not just in words but in the actions we take to ensure that your business remains resilient, secure, and poised for success in an increasingly digital world.

Choose us, and choose a commitment to excellence that goes beyond the ordinary. Your security is our priority, and we take pride in being the guardians of your business’s digital realm.

Helping Businesses in Central Canada

Securiv is a team of infrastructure and security professionals who have a passion to help and lead small businesses with their technology and security.

Years of

At its core, a Managed Service is a method to secure the outside assistance of expertise for the management and responsibility of hardware or software systems.

Securiv specializes in the management of a wide array of infrastructure systems, cloud and security systems, and their related hardware.

Securiv staffs employees with previous MSP experience in all of our senior roles. This provides a great level of technical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the support lifecycle.

reflects a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a passion for driving impactful change within the technology landscape.

Core Competencies:

Rex’s journey is a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of Managed Services and security. His diverse background, encompassing technical prowess and strategic leadership, positions Rex as a visionary professional capable of steering organizations towards a secure and innovative future.